A clinic in the Cloud

PulsePal is an API for remote biotelmetry

With just a 15 second video of your face, our algorithms can give a very complete and very accurate summary of your current health status.

See It in Action!


Baby Heart Rate Monitor Example


Demo 1

Truth Measured
HR: 80 78.93
HRV: - 47

Demo 2

Truth Measured
HR: 60 60.72
HRV: - 63

Demo 3

Truth Measured
HR: 75 75.24
HRV: - 47

The Numbers


Smartphones per Clinic


Number of Trials


HR Accuracy


Doctor per 1000+ patients
  • Heart Rate
  • Vital #1. We've got you covered...within 3.32 BPM

  • Heart Rate Variability
  • The "it" vital. Word on the street is, HRV may be the golden metric.

  • Temperature
  • Hot or not? Let our algorithms decide.

  • Breathing Rate
  • Get your zen on.

Meet the Team

We built PulsePal to empower creators. How can we help you?


Juan Sepulveda

Web Architecture


Sara Fridovich-Keil

Data Processing


Aana Bansal

Strategy and Product Manager


Here's how to use our demo

Set Up

  • Computer
  • Webcam
  • QuickTime Player


  • Sit in front of webcam in a well lit space
  • Open Quick-Time Go to File -> New Movie Recording
  • Click on the arrow next to the record button and select maximum recording quality
  • Record yourself for 30 seconds. Make sure your face is not cut off. Relax and breathe naturally!
  • Upload your video to our website.


You will see three values and four graphs.
  • The graph on the top right corner is your frequency spectrum. The peak is your heart rate.
  • The graph on the bottom right is your heart beat.
  • The one on the bottom left is the raw input that is being processed by our algorithms.
  • Confidence is our confidence percentage in that value


Building upon the shoulders of giants
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